The Booty Buddy - How It Works

The Booty Buddy is made for occasional use & is great in those social situations, like going for coffee with a friend, going for dinner with family - its discreet! It works by supporting your thighs, allowing your butt to hang freely.

 This super strong flocked cushion not only soft, but firm enough to give you the support you need to make sure no pressure is placed on your butt. The graduated wedge design ensures that there is elevation where you need it & the memory foam top ensures comfort.

  •  Ensure the Booty Buddy cushion is pushed to the front of the chair, ensuring the lowest edge is at the front. The cushion is a ‘wedge’ shape & gets higher as it goes towards the top of the back of your thighs, to give the elevation where needed.

  • The Booty Buddy should sit under the back of your thigh area, leaving the butt to hang free. Ensure you sit with your back straight with your feet on the floor. This also promotes good posture.If you experience a tingling, numbness or ‘pins and needles’ sensation in your legs, stop using immediately. You are not positioned correctly and you are restricting the blood circulation. Seek medical advice if necessary.

  •  The Booty Buddy can be used anywhere! Its best used on hard chairs or surfaces, however if you are using on a soft seat such as a car, you may need to adjust your normal seat settings and you may benefit from an extra cushion for back support.

  • Finally, enjoy your Booty Buddy and the convenience it brings! It features a carry handle, and a removable Polar Fleece cover, washable at 30 degrees.