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Super Booty Buddy

The Dr Miami Super Booty Buddy Support System works by supporting your thighs and back simultaneously which enables your butt to hang free when seated with no pressure added.

This super strong luxurious support system is firm, but soft & gives you the elevation you need to help you keep off your butt & minimise fat re-absorbtion.


Fits All Butt Sizes

The Dr Miami Super Booty Buddy fits all butt sizes! Simply attach the back support to the thigh section by the velcro attachments. For a wide fit, attach the back support via the side velcro tabs, or for a more snug fit, attach to the back velcro tabs!

Our cushion also supports you whilst your laying on your back! Comes with its own storage bag!

How it Works

The Dr Miami Super Booty Buddy is the ultimate post Buttock Augmentation Recovery System. This two piece cushion gives you the comfort and support to sit back and relax after Butt Augmentation surgery, as well as giving you the flexibility to detach the back support so you can take the seat cushion to places where you want to be discreet.


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